About Us

Home Grown Okie, LLC. is t-shirts and accessories
with a downhome (grown) Okie flair. A sprinkling of
sass, a dash of country, and a whole lot of fun spark
the designs of this sister duo who are Texan by birth
(OK…well, one of them is but we won’t hold that
against her) but OKIE BY CHOICE.


DNA runs through this sister duo’s veins, but family,
faith, and a deep-rooted respect for America and all
she promises enhances their sisterly bond even more.


The Home Grown Okie team finds inspiration in
the love and laughter of everyday life and seeks to
share that through stylish designs on quality
products that are made in the USA.


Bring a little “style from the heartland” into
your closet, your home, or even your store.


***Wholesale pricing available upon request.